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– MasterChef Professionals Winner 2013 Steven Edwards and business partner Josh Stanzl –


We are an award winning start-up that has created a truly unique and exciting concept. Using tea leaves, we have managed to create a blend that can be pulled through a conventional espresso machine to create a full-bodied and robust shot of Tey®, which is then used as the basis for four palate tingling creations. This marvellous creation has led us to win the “Food & Drink Innovation of the Year, 2015”.


Tey Latte®

Skilled baristas balance the artisan aroma and flavour of Tey® with steamed milk to craft a long and velvety Tey Latte®, to which you can add one of twelve syrups. Flavours include Gingerbread Hug®, HazelnuTey®, Biscuity Butterscotch® and Caribbean Coconut.


Iced Tey®

Perfect on a summer’s day. Crushed ice and tropical flavours including ginger and honey or coconut are added to a shot of Tey®. Garnished with citrus fruits, this is the ideal way to revitalise and refresh.


Breakfast Tey®

Based on the quintessentially British and the nation’s favourite drink, MASSIS tea® has accomplished a cleaner and more balanced flavour profile. Lengthening Tey® with filtered hot water produces a cup of tea that has all the best elements of your favourite blend. Would you like milk and sugar with that?


Tey® Cocktail

Created in partnership with the mixologists from a leading London cocktail club, these cocktails are sure to have you partying in no time. Start your party with sloe gin added to a shot of our signature Tey®, a quick dash of freshly squeezed lemon and lime and finished with Prosecco in a flute – no better way to party than with “alcoholic Earl Grey” set in the heart of London.


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tey latte



Balancing the beautiful aroma and colour of our own secret blend of loose leaf teas with the silky texture of steamed milk to produce an experience like no other, it is available in a variety of flavours that’ll leave you refreshed and wanting more!

Using our own unique method, we pull a very strong “shot” of tea, creating something similar to an espresso, simply made with tea not coffee. We then pour over perfectly steamed milk to craft a drink that gives you an incredibly refreshing and velvety mouth filling feeling. Our blend of tea has been engineered to work alongside our flavours and milk, to produce that harmonious balance that you can enjoy right until the last sip. Unlike coffee, we don’t need to use tons of flavouring to overcompensate for competing characteristics in the same cup.

For vegans, the super health-conscious, or simply as an alternative, we have sugar free flavourings and different milk options.



Biscuity Butterscotch®

Gingerbread Hug®


Caribbean Coconut

Candyfloss Kiss

Toffeenut Temptation

Nuts About Macadamia


White Night Chocolate

Creamy Caramella®

Creamy Caramella (sugar free)

Va-NIL-A (sugar free)




These partially oxidised teas (up to 10%) are usually picked in early spring when the new buds and leaves form. Due to the younger nature of the leaves, they have a natural and gentle sweetness to them.


Ying Zhen (Silver Needle) Glass


Region: Fujian Province, China

Processing: Picked in early spring as the fresh buds unfurl – only the newest unopened buds from the top of plant are used. Withered and dried by a steaming process. Minimal oxidation <10%

Dry leaves: Resembling fleshy white pine needles, these whole leaves still have the natural silvery hair from the bud.

Aroma: Extremely delicate with hints of asparagus.

Colour: Light/pale champagne yellow with tiny white particles reflecting the light.

Flavour: Fresh, light and subtly sweet. Mellow vegetal finish with honeydew melon notes.

N.B. Be very careful with temperature – a 10°C difference will create an incredibly astringent and bitter brew.


Refreshing and empowering

2 mins


Jasmine Dragon Pearls Glass


Region: Hunan Province, China

Processing: Mix of white and green tea is picked in early spring and stored until late summer when jasmine flowers blossom. Jasmine buds are picked in morning and stored cool during the day, then left to open at night releasing fragrance which the tea leaves absorb. For the right absorption this is repeated for a few days in a row.

Dry leaves: Tightly packed pea-sized pearls with evidence of marbled white tea streaks.

Aroma: Incredible jasmine fragrance over notes of honey.

Colour: Light yellow liquor with slight viscous character.

Flavour: A velvety creamy texture which fills the mouth. Delicate jasmine notes with luscious mellow sweet tones which is almost buttery.

N.B. Be very careful with temperature – a 10°C difference will create an astringent brew, destroying the delicate nature of this luxury tea.


Steep in a transparent teapot and watch the pearls unfurl

4 mins





These teas aren’t oxidised at all, and to preserve the greatly varying flavours, the leaves are often steamed, rolled and then dried. Having been popularised due to their health benefits, the flavours of green tea have sometimes been overlooked. Who says you can’t have both?


DragonWell Longjing Glass


Region: Zhejiang Province, China

Processing: The leaves are handpicked and pan-fired early in processing (to stop oxidation) then flattened by hand to give DragonWell its distinctive shape.

Dry leaves: Flattened jade green leaves.

Aroma: Fresh, sweet nutty fragrance.

Colour: Light and clear green

Flavour: Smooth and lively taste which starts with citrus notes leading into a distinct chestnut like depth with woody tones.

N.B. Not forgiving if you brew incorrectly – note the temperatures and steep times recommended otherwise it’ll bite back with bitter astringency.


Only 18 Longjing tea bushes were given Imperial Status during the Quing Dynasty and leaves from these bushes now sell for more money per gram than gold

3 mins


Mango Sencha Glass


Region: Japan

Processing: Leaves are steamed to halt oxidation, and then rolled, shaped and dried. Steaming (instead of pan-firing) is responsible for the more vegetal, grassy flavour of Japanese teas. Sunflower blossoms are added and the tea is scented with mango.

Dry leaves: Rolled and flattened leaf, extremely brittle. Yellow sunflower blossoms present.

Aroma: Uplifting tropical mango sweetness with a lightly vegetal Sencha base.

Colour: Bright and fresh olive green.

Flavour: Light and refreshingly balanced between a grassy Sencha tang and a sweet mango aftertaste.

N.B. As with other delicate green teas, it can be astringent if steeped in water that is too hot for the leaves.


A well behaved yet indulgent tea

3 mins





The most complicated teas to manufacture and partially oxidised between 10-80%, oolong teas come in myriads of forms, shapes and colours. The large leaves can withstand the lengthy and repetitive rolling process, which gives oolongs the many layers of flavour and aroma. Literally translated, oolong means “Black Dragon”, but isn’t at all black – it lies in the gap between green and black teas. As exciting to drink as it is to say!


Tieguanyin (Iron God Of Mercy) Glass


Region: Fujian Province, China

Processing: Among one of the most time consuming teas to produce – leaves are plucked, withered under the sun, cooled, tossed, withered naturally, fixed, rolled, dried and roasted. This multi-step process is responsible for the ultimate layers of flavour.

Dry leaves: The dark green partially oxidised leaves are rolled into small uneven balls with short stems still attached.

Aroma: Toasted walnuts with roasted caramel sweetness.

Colour: Smooth golden amber.

Flavour: Multi layered with complexdepth. Toasted oats and nuts followed by soft honeyed fruits tapering towards a rich yet gentle finish.

N.B. Tieguanyin can be steeped multiple times with varying infusion characteristics; initially starting light and clear, then very rich and mouth filling, finally returning to an aromatic and clear brew.


Complicated to produce, but simply enjoyable to drink

4 mins


Orange Blossom Oolong Glass


Region: Our blend ispredominantly Formosa Oolong (Taiwan) with a cheeky amount of Chinese Oolong for fruitiness.

Processing: Picked in July, the leaves are oxidised to about 50% then fired to prevent further oxidation. Orange oils are scattered to scent the leaves and the addition of orange blossoms bring the blend to a delicate finish.

Dry leaves: Small, dark beautifully twisted leaves with orange blossom curls.

Aroma: Strong, roasted and warm with a punch of orange

Colour: Dark coppery with golden shimmer on the surface

Flavour:  The initial warm citrus notes are quickly followed by the spicy and toasty characteristics of the oolong.

N.B. Can be enjoyed with milk or honey; the sugars in the milk help carry the softer citrus notes for longer, making it mellow and less spicy.


Floral and bright, this is strikingly exotic

3 mins





Not to be confused with tea without milk, black tea is from leaves that are fully oxidised, giving it a stronger and fuller flavour. By far the most popular type of tea in the Western World, the flavours vary from flowery and spicy to malty and nutty. This gets you through the day, and is fundamentally what we use in our Tey Latte.


MASSIS breakfast Glass


Region: Our blend is made up of teas from: Assam, India – Nilgiri, India – Kandy District, Sri-Lanka.

Processing: Extreme humidity and heat during monsoon periods contribute to malty characteristics. The leaves are withered, heavily rolled, fully oxidised, dried and sorted.

Dry leaves: Black and coppery small leaves.

Aroma: Clean and crisp with a biscuit undertone.

Colour: Rich and full-bodied with a deep copper hue.

Flavour: A strong yet harmonious balance of malty, nutty and smoothly sweet flavours. Fruity top notes transcend to deeper richer flavours with no astringency.

N.B. Carries milk and sugar well if steeped for longer. Incredibly versatile; experiment with honey and other sweet preservatives for various effects.


The ultimate balance of a malty flavour and a honeyed aroma

4 mins


Ginger & Peach Glass


Region: Ceylon, Sri-Lanka.

Processing: Leaves are withered, rolled, dried and sorted. Natural oils are used in balance to flavour the Ceylon base.

Dry leaves: Large black twisted leaves with contrasting yellow marigold petals and ginger pieces.

Aroma: Spicy and zingy, it has underlying warmth that is subtly sweet.

Colour: Clean, dark carmine with rich depth.

Flavour: A spicy ginger start transforms into a delicate sweet peach finish, turning the lively start into a luscious soft creaminess with underlying warmth.

N.B. If the spicy ginger is too explosive, try a drop of milk to calm the fire.


Why choose David or Goliath? This is David AND Goliath!

3 mins


Earl Grey Glass


Region:    Our blend is made up of teas from: Assam, India – Darjeeling, India – Keemun, Anhui Province, China.

Processing: Fully oxidised black teas that have each been withered, rolled, dried and then blended to harmoniously carry the bergamot oil. Natural bergamot oil is added after blending to give this tea the signature citrus character that is iconic of an earl grey.

Dry leaves: Black and crimped small cut leaves.

Aroma: Bright citrus fragrance with warm Darjeeling undertones.

Colour: Bright copper tinged with very subtle green from natural citrus oil.

Flavour: Brisk and clean with citrus high notes, it melds into a satisfying malty finish.

N.B. Commonly taken with milk and sugar. For ultimate refreshment, try with a slice of lemon.


Iconic and glorious

3 mins





Herbal teas have gained a solid fan base thanks to their wide range of flavours and astonishing range of benefits. As they don’t contain leaves from the Camellia Sinensis tea plant, they are all caffeine free (with the exception of Yerba Mate) but this in no way means they’ve been compromised on complexity or flavour.


Roobios Glass


Region: Western Cape, South Africa

Processing: The ‘Red-Bush’ is harvested by hand, uniformly cut, oxidised and sun dried to enhance the flavour.

Dry leaves: Distinctive reddish-brown needle like leaves resembling tinder.

Aroma: Woody with hints of caramel.

Colour: Deep and vibrant ruby red.

Flavour: Honey and caramel sweet tones with a woody toastiness.

N.B. Rooibos can be treated in the same manner as black tea by adding milk and sugar. In South Africa it is commonly taken with lemon and sweetened with honey to enhance the natural sweet flavour.


Clean, refreshing and naturally caffeine free

5 mins


Summerfruits Glass


Region: Various.

Processing: Flowers and fruits are harvested, dried naturally and blended to give a harmonious balance.

Dry leaves: Stunningly Colourful mix of hibiscus, rosehip, cornflowers, mallow flowers, safflowers, marigold, rose petals and apple pieces.

Aroma: Refreshing and flowery with hints of berry.

Colour: Strong crimson caused by hibiscus sepals.

Flavour: A refreshing fruity mix of predominantly sweet apple and a berry zing with a subtle rosehip finish.

N.B. This summer fruit mix is perfect iced. Prepare strong, cool and serve over ice with a slice of lemon for the ultimate summer cooler.


The ultimate explosion of fruits and flavour

3 mins


Peppermint Glass


Region:  Our Mint derives fromMorocco, China & Croatia.

Processing: Herb is harvested, dried, crushed and cut to size.

Dry leaves: Small, dark and olive green shreds.

Aroma: Menthol content is abundant, carrying a fresh crispness.

Colour: Clear amber hue.

Flavour: Brightmouth-cooling freshness with intense menthol taper.

N.B. This peppermint has been crushed and cut to allow greater surface area contact with hot water, ensuring maximum extraction of flavourful menthol. Works well over ice with sugar.


It’ll leave you feeling totally refreshed

4 mins


where we are



We currently have a range of stores across London. Click below to find your nearest store and opening times to experience our delicious range of teas.


Chateau Cafe, Cheshunt

Chateau Cafe, 37 High Street, Cheshunt, EN8 0BS

The first cafe in Cheshunt to offer the Tey Latte! Why not drop by and say hello to the family run team at Chateau Cafe; beautiful food using award winning ingredients, and of course very friendly staff. With a large range of Tey Latte flavours, you’re not limited by choice.

With a wonderful seating area all decorated by the team running Chateau Cafe, this Cheshunt cafe is particularly suited to those looking for friendly service, fantastic quality food and drink and somewhere to socialise. WiFi as usual is free.


Website coming soon


Indulgence, Walthamstow

Indulgence, 142 Hoe Street, Walthamstow, E17 4QR

We have opened our first outlet in Walthamstow, through a cafe called Indulgence. A busy high street location with all the tasty treats and goodies you could want, it is the perfect pairing to our signature drink, the Tey Latte. They also serve some of our Loose Leaf range including DragonWell green tea, Tieguanyin oolong, Earl Grey, MASSIS breakfast, Summer Fruits and the luxurious Jasmine Dragon Pearls. Indulgence is all about providing a welcoming space for local residents to enjoy drinks and snacks in a relaxed and friendly environment. With family values at their core, they certainly have this one nailed.



Indulgence: 020 8509 9666

Monday             0900 – 1800

Tuesday                 Closed

Wednesday      0900 – 1800

Thursday           0900 – 1800

Friday                 0900 – 1800

Saturday            0900 – 1800

Sunday               1000 – 1800

Attico Arts Centre, Watford

Attico Arts Centre, 1st Floor, 101 Watford High Street, Watford, WD17 2DQ

For visual feasts of paintings, sculptures and first class photography served with our signature Tey Latte®, overlooking the super view of St Mary’s churchyard. Here’s the place that will nudge you to hosting the event you always dreamed about!




Tuesday – Sunday
9.30 am – 5.30pm

Chestnut Cafe, Balham

9 Chestnut Grove, Balham, London.

A new independant cafe in Balham with wonderful flavours – now serving the Tey Latte!


The Chestnut Cafe: 020-3674-2141

Long White Cloud, Hoxton

Long White Cloud, 151 Hackney Road, Hoxton, E2 8JL

Long White Cloud has a delicious free-range, fair trade and locally sourced menu. Come by during the week for brunches and Tey Latte or on the weekend for a tasty hangover cure brekkie or brunch or now in the evenings for our themed weekday nights!



020 7033 4642

Monday             0700 – 2000

Tuesday             0700 – 2000

Wednesday      0700 – 2000

Thursday           0700 – 0000

Friday                 0700 – 2000

Saturday            0800 – 1800

Sunday               0800 – 1800

Bell Boi, Shoreditch

156 Commercial Street, Shoreditch, London, E1 6NU

A quirky and brand new concept in the heart of Shoreditch –  a bag storage space with definitely worth a visit for those after something new! Proudly serving our signature drink, the Tey Latte.



Cafe 1001, Shoreditch

91 Brick Lane, Shoreditch, London, E1 6QL

Café 1001 in Shoreditch is situated on Dray Walk, part of the Old Truman brewery Building and is a brilliant focal point for all of Shoreditch, where London visitors and tourists flock to on the weekends.




Mon – Sat           0600 – 0000

Sun                      0600 – 2300

Natura Cafe, New Cross (Goldsmiths SU)

Dixon Road, Goldsmiths Student Union, Tiananmen Building, The Green Room, First Floor, London, SE14 6NW

Natura Cafe is an independent vegetarian and vegan cafe/restaurant within Goldsmiths College open to everyone!
They believe that a good health starts with good and natural food; which is a right for all human beings! Clearly the right place for the Tey Latte!



Mon – Thur           0900 – 1800

Fri                           0900 – 1700

Travelling Through, Waterloo

Travelling Through, 131 Lower Marsh, Waterloo, London, SE1 7AE

Fusion bookshop, cafe, and culture hub in Waterloo exploring community and place throughout the world. They’ve travelled to our side and now serve our signature Tey Latte.




Mon – Fri            0930 – 1830

Sat                        1100 – 1700

Sun                         Closed

Retreat Cafe, Putney

230 Upper Richmond Road, Putney, SW15 6TG

Retreat Cafe, Putney is London’s best kept secret. This vegetarian cafe serves some of the finest smoothies, juices, salads, coffee, Tey Latte and cake in London. Specialising in fresh daily salads, gluten free products, spelt croissants and warming soups. Retreat Cafe has the perfect cosy, inviting and relaxed atmosphere for you to come and watch as the world below passes you by.




Mon – Thurs            0630 – 2030

Fri                              0630 – 1930

Sat – Sun                 0830 – 1830

Cafe Copia, Henley

Cafe Copia, 23 Market Place, Henley on Thames, Buckinghamshire, RG9 2AA

The first cafe in Henley to offer the Tey Latte! Why not drop by and say hello to the team at Cafe Copia; it’s the same tasty food and great drinks they have been offering in Marlow, and of course very friendly staff. With a large range of Tey Latte flavours, you’re not limited by choice.

With a wonderful upstairs seating area, this Henley cafe is particularly suited to larger groups, for socialising or business meetings. WiFi as usual is free.




Cafe Copia: 01628 298101

Mon – Sat            0800 – 1730

Sunday               0900 – 1730

Blackstock Kitchen, Finsbury Park

Blackstock Kitchen, 136 Blackstock Road, Finsbury Park, London, N4 2DX

Blackstock Kitchen is an independently run cafe by friends Rohan and Abel who focus on making everything according to what’s in season, and Tey Lattes are hot in season right now. Taking the plunge to run their own business and make all their offerings from scratch and on a daily basis is no easy feat, all the while focusing on using top ingredients many of which are locally sourced. Even their vegetables come from an allotment around the corner; how cool is that?!



Blackstock Kitchen: 0207 359 1700

Tues – Fri            0800 – 1800

Sat – Sun               1100 – 1700

Greenwich Theatre, Greenwich

Greenwich Theatre, Crooms Hill, London, SE10 8ES

Greenwich Theatre is one of London’s premiere Off-West End venues, presenting a year round programme of high quality drama, comedy, music theatre and children’s shows. The South London venue, which was recently  granted a London 2012 Inspire Mark, also boasts one of the capital’s most eagerly anticipated pantomimes and an annual children’s festival, and regularly presents the work of some of the finest up and coming young theatre makers in the country. They also happen to serve a good range of our delicious Loose Leaf teas.




Greenwich Theatre: 020 8858 7755


Please check website at www.greenwichtheatre.org.uk

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Where does the name MASSIS tea® come from?

MASSIS is the Armenian name for the peak of their tallest mountain Ararat – thus the little mountains at the bottom of our logo!


Where does your tea come from?

We use a UK based family run business to source our teas from India, China, Japan, Kenya, Sri-Lanka and South Africa to name a few…


Is there caffeine in the Tey Latte®?

Yes. As it is made with tea, it does contain caffeine. Due to the way we process it, it has a level of caffeine somewhere between a regular tea and a strong coffee. The caffeine in tea behaves differently to that in coffee however; as it is absorbed slower it doesn’t cause a “crash” like you get with coffee – it’s similar to how carbs have slow releasing energy – this is obviously much healthier for your body.


What’s the difference between the tea types?

Usually determined by how oxidised the leaves are, the picked leaves are processed in different ways. Green tea is generally completely unoxidised. White tea is partially oxidised to around 10%, and the processing allows the white hairs on the leaves to remain intact, thus the name. Oolong teas are oxidised to between 10-80% and undergo all sorts of processing from picking, withering, tossing, bruising, fixing, rolling, and heat frying. Black teas are completely oxidised and generally have a bigger taste. Herbal teas aren’t actually made from tea at all and come from all sorts of different herbs and plants.


Is it true that all tea varieties (green tea, black tea etc) come from just one plant?

YES! The botanical name for the tea plant is Camellia Sinensis and all tea leaves are picked from this plant. We were pretty amazed when we discovered this fun fact too!


Is there more caffeine in black tea or green tea?

It depends. Caffeine content varies on all sorts of factors from the altitude the tea was grown at, how much rain the plant saw, what time of the year it was picked, how it was processed and how hot the water is when brewing, to name just a few. Generally speaking, black teas have a slightly higher caffeine content as hotter water is used and you brew for longer, but it depends on each specific tea type.


Why do you use those amazing contraptions and loose leaf tea and not just use teabags?

Loose leaf is always better than teabag dust. Open a teabag and see what you’re actually getting. Tea leaves need as much space to open up, dance and release their wonderful flavour. If they’re contained in a teabag or small strainer, they are restricted from releasing that wonderful goodness. Imagine trying to dance inside a tiny store-room…it’s impossible to express yourself and let that talent out.


Why do your takeaway cups feel good to hold?

We only use takeaway cups and lids made from award winning, low-carbon, renewable or recycled materials which can be recycled and composted alongside food waste. That’s even better than recycling as you’re literally giving back to the planet! The lining of the cups and even the lid is made from cornstarch, not plastic…magical.


Is tea better for you than coffee?

Tea can help with digestion, contains antioxidants, helps de-stress, and has been proven to protect against certain diseases including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and various types of cancer. So we’d definitely say yes, plus it’s tastier, so it’s obvious why we chose tea!


Is it true that the guy who started MASSIS tea® used to be in a rock band?

Yup. He left that to start MASSIS tea® and still plays the drums regularly in his own time. Badum tsssh.